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Party in my head

An oxymoron story and “good grief” is there a lot, so I opened my “Microsoft Works” and went for it.
Taking a sip from my “plastic glass” I put on some “soft rock” and thought some more, my “tight slacks” on while on this “working vacation” my brain farted and I felt like the “living dead” my “passive aggression” a form I seen from across the room in a “small crowd” I recognized I was “Legally drunk” drowning my “sweet sorrows” the “silent screams” in my head.

“Now, then..” back to this story being the “resident alien” at this party in my head “acting natural” while wearing the “new classic” fashion and eating “jumbo shrimp” the conversation moved to “honest lawyers” “Include Me Out” please! luckily that come to a “rolling stop” when a “butt head” who was ” pretty ugly” walked in carrying a “twelve-ounce pound cake”my “Least Favorite” even though I “almost always” eat “diet ice cream.”

Later in the night some “intelligent fool” “staged an accident” that looked “Unbelievably True” someone “taped it live” though it all seemed to be “clearly misunderstood” these parties in my head are always amusing though “almost exactly” the same as the last “Strangely    Familiar” you could say I am “almost done” though to finish up I have to say it was “awfully nice” and “awfully good” of you to drop by in my “Reality Dreams” where the motto is “more is less” and everything is ” a little bit big.”
“Finally again”  a “well known secret” is that I throw the best parties around even if they are “original copies” of the last, now the exit is there, “Up the Down Staircase”

I bid you “A Fond Farewell”


Date update

 Now lets see where to start, “a man” had a problem and I understand but………………..

So Tuesday night, lovely dinner, nice wine and I went home stinking of some sandalwood smoking oil thing ewwww so I had to wash pfff

Wednesday- well the date was cancelled, like always, either he or I cancel and he had work but we got together later in the evening and things worked out well though the night ended a little early and ~evil grin~ I called a friend and we had a great night! I had not seen him in weeks and it was nice to catch up, He is recently single and we have always had this thing about each other ~grins~ oh if only you knew my dark side. I heard today he was not able to sit well at his desk and that his nipple were very sensitive and…. well let your mind run wild as chances are your mind is not wild enough!

Tonight is early to bed, though……….. if I get a text message I might just have to visit someone so they can not sit at work tomorrow again ~evil grin~

Next update soon.


Wasting no time!

I have seriously had it to my fucking eyeballs with being fucked over with men!


So Traveller got a long fucking email from me, truth is think the wanker is dead, no replies in any way shape or form, even when I get to the text messaging stalkers stage ~laughs~  the spineless male can not even answer to say he is alive, so that is that

~dusts her hands off~

So while I do not give a fuck about men and have given up all hope I have decided that the males I know, as friends and even the ones I know who like me, well I am not pushing them away anymore, I am taking life and the offers I do like and accepting and it started Sunday with a text message from a guy I know saying “Sexy am in the area want a drink?”  I had just driven 6 hours, looked like shit but said yes! and got home 3 in the morning!  was a great evening!

Here is how the rest of my week looks, Tonight I have dinner with a nice guy, he is cooking for me, nice bottle of wine, nice music and then we are going for a workout (dirty minded people)  really a gym work out!

Wednesday, A lunch date with someone I have known for 2 years but I keep pushing him away, do not actually know why I push him away when he gets close, so its time to get together to talk and have a nice lunch.

Thursday, well no plans yet 🙂  (note the word yet)

Friday, An ok looking guy I have recently met online, we are going out for dinner and then off dancing the night away, only  thing I have to think about is my 10cm or 12cm stilettos!


Bullet Material

You know how sometimes you just look at your ex and want to shoot the fucker right between the eyes with the bullet you wrote his name on? Come on some of you must have had that thought! right ?

Over the last few weeks my ex has been getting that thought daily, lets go back 4 weeks or so, our daughter had a rash under her arm, he informed me she got it from a new shirt I got her, obviously it is my fault so I listened to him and when getting home she showed me the rash, holy shit my eyes popped out of my head as it was not a rash from clothing rubbing this was some serious shit! Even when I took her to the doctors his eyes popped out of his head so that is really saying something!!

After that cleared up with medication she had a Bronchial cough my ex tried to clear up with little cough candy and that “grandma’s home made cough syrup” ~rolls eyes~ ok it can work and I don’t think a kid has to go to the doctors for everything and get every antibiotic under the sun but it is needed sometimes you know? So after all this passed and by the way both illnesses were my fault, just ask my ex on that one, my daughter was fighting fit.  Two weeks ago the little imported bitch started scratching her head like mad so I checked for head lice but there was nothing to see, though her head was red from scratching so I informed the ex to keep an eye on it, like water off a ducks back he done shit and also the nanny he has done shit. Friday night when I got my daughter she was scratching like there was no tomorrow, I stopped and checked her head, HOLY FUCK I parted her hair and head lice charged at me and showed fangs like Cujo, red eyes and drool dripping from their mouth, slowly letting my daughter hair go and trying to stay calm I looked at my daughter, patted her on the head and said, all is in order we need special shampoo for you, Ok I was really patting the Cujo’s in her head.

cujo2.jpgFor the next somewhat minutes I have a crying kid on my hands as she asked ” have I got lice?” and I said yes, apparently she had told her nanny she seen one crawl on her hairbrush but her nanny told her she was insane, I called her father and the conversation went something like this

Bitch: Hi there did you check little bitch for lice?

fuckedup x: I always tak care of her and her health

B: Well she has head lice and she has had them for a while looking at their size and the amount of eggs

x: Well that is not true she was clean when she left the house 30 minutes ago

B: That is not possible as I did not stop to pick up hitchhikers on the way home

x: Well that you Bitch for the gift you gave her, real fun for her you just gave her head lice and now I have to deal with it.

WTF??? This fucker is insane, seriously, he needs more then a bullet between the eyes he needs to be bitch slapped and bent over and rammed into next week!

I had a crying kid next to me asking me “Mum why don’t they listen to me when I say I see lice on my hair brush?” “Mum why don’t they listen when I ask them to check my hair? though the nanny does my hair everyday?” I just look at her and shrug my shoulders and say “Love I have no clue, but you know I will always listen, call me anytime and let me tell them!”  oh right I will tell them just let me at them in a dark street!!!

I am interested in knowing if they sent her to school today, very fucking interested, if so I am calling the health-board 🙂


Flip it!

Yes I am flipping the middle finger to the world.

My eyeballs are floating with all the bullshit I have to swim through just to get to the end of the day and I am so sick of it! The subject of men, well they can kiss my ass, I had it with them I am swapping teams, I will spend my time beaver hunting now!!!

Not only is it males pissing me off, well actually it is, why the hell are men so stupid? blind? and so fucking childish? If I wanted to deal with children I would have become a teacher or pop out a dozen kids myself.

So this is how it is, I do not give a shit, end of story I am sick of throwing my feelings and effort into building up a relationship when really it is only one sided. Well fuckers news flash a relationship is meant to be two sided.

Mr Stupid Ass Traveller has just dropped off the face of the earth once more and I am pretty sure in a day or so I will get a text or call with some piss poor excuse like ” Oh I was so sick I was sleeping always” well I am sure you did not sleep 3-4-5days in a fucking row without taking a shit or eating! So why not text me even when your sitting on the fucking toilet you waffle butt! Or the other excuse I am use to is ” Oh I have been way to busy to even scratch myself” Well you men have time to jerk yourself off in the toilet during your lunch break I am sure once you can forget that and type a text just saying your still alive! Or before you turn your phone off when you go to sleep as you are not to busy to sleep you tosser!

Men, enough to turn any female lesbian! As I sit here with a bottle of glue and a broken heart, I have realized something, I actually do not give a fuck, it may sound like it in the about words but I really do not the thing that is getting to me is the fact Traveller was/is so fucking immature he can not even communicate for fucks sake wake up your 37 years old! I do not see how someone who works in an International Company and travels all over the world giving speeches and educating people in his line of work yet can not communicate with someone of whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, Well see this ? ~holds up a handful of broke heart pieces and a ring~ shove that ring up your ass and the broken heart ? well thanks but I will keep hold of that as you will not get it again.

The best thing I have done all week was do something that is a “Traveller Trait” I sent him a text on his phone “Your silence screams volumes, I love you but Goodbye” that is the best closure I have ever had, god I hope he calls, my voice mail is off so he will be getting a phone ringing and ringing in his ear with no answer, and he knows damned well I always answer my phone as it is my business number!

Suck it up baby, drown in your river of tears, I am the best thing that has ever happened to you, so you say, well now add to the list, I am the best thing you ever HAD and lost it through your own stupidity! You said you would fight for me never want to lose me, think you need to go to to know what fighting for something means. You said you will love me to the end of time, well seems your time is up

Good Bye Traveller.


Poor sick baby

Traveller says he got home last night at 02:00, he was meant to be home on Friday at 21:00 and I was to get him from the airport but the excuse reason he did not was because he had a bad case of the flu. Ok so maybe I just want to have a bitch, but this is not the first time he has let me down like this, ok ok ok he was sick, had the flu and rather stay in Austria with friends then to fly home to me and let me take care of him, no he rather drive ump-teen hours in a car on a Sunday night to get home at 2am then wake up at 5am to get to work the day after!! I see why he picked that option NOT!!!!

So today when I talked to him I got rather pissed off because he did not even let me know he was home safe, fucking sue me I was worried! Then when he gets home from work I get the message and I am quoting his text

Traveller : “Just got home, tired a bit annoyed, will go 2 bed now.. just too tired…”

Imported: why annoyed ?

T: mmmm got grilled this afternoon… when i stood up from my desk, feeling all dizzy… i got a bit annoyed bout that…

I: grilled ? by?

T: you

I: that annoyed you ?

T: a bit… especially when i realised how fucking ill i came home last night

There was more that I said and conveniently his computer froze up and he did not hear the end of my “grilling” so I got a text on my phone saying ” Well… my computer just completely froze on me can’t seem to do anything right tonight, will go to bed, Goodnight” oh goodness stop feeling sorry for yourself because you fucked up, I will not feel guilty at all, not one little bite. I will save you all from the rest of the conversation as he was a whining little boy and it annoyed me! I am a single mother and it does not matter if I sliced my head off while cleaning the house I would have to drag my head and body to the hospital to get it glued back on before dinner time! No matter even if your not a single mother, mothers DO NOT AND CAN NOT BE SICK! and worst then a sick child is a sick male. Whine whine and some more whining with a side dish of cheese for the sick males.

I have really had it up to the eyeballs with males all the complaining about nothing, all the needing, yes the males being needing! Do they ever grow up? Do they ever think of other people ? Traveller only text message me when he wanted to feel good or smile, when he is a little down, I had chest pains again the other day and thought I might have to go back to the hospital, I called him and sent him a text message as I just wanted to relax and hear a friendly voice, no such chance as 5 hours later I got a reply “I did not want to call you because I wanted to keep hiking”  WTF!!???? I mean he complains I do not tell him when I am sick or having chest pains (it is ok I only have a heart condition) Well keep on hiking right out that door you waffled ass selfish wanker hope your really sick in bed after tonight’s chat and all them “lovely messages” you sent when you were apparently thinking of me every moment, I hope you sneeze a truck loads of snot and feel shit for the next week, I even feel like coming to visit you tomorrow at work for lunch to see how fucking sick you really are and see you snot over everyone (makes note to pack raincoat) No your not worth it I will sit back and enjoy the chicken soup I made, for ME!


Rugby, Traveller and redflags

I clock just ticked over 03:00 so what the hell am I doing sitting here writing a stupid ass blog seeing also last-night I only got 2 hours sleep. I bloody well tell you why I am still awake. In the past people sit and wait watching the phone to ring, not right now, here I am sitting clicking over and over again my inbox waiting for an email.

frustrated.jpg Shake me! somebody, slap me, throw a drink in my face, SOMETHING!!! wake me up, snap me back into reality as this is just pathetic! I gave it up years ago sitting around waiting for a male to call or email so what the hell is different with this person?

OK now I have stopped pulling my hair out, stopped screaming at my inbox and stopped cap-locking all my words to Bitchychick on msn, I am now breathing again and I can tell you, ok there is 2 things I am waiting for, this email from someone I want to get to know and also a text message from someone I was getting to know, you know how it is, seeing all them red flags, but that is a whole different blog. So Mr Rugby email me, and Mr Traveller text me before I shove a phone up your ass!!

Bloody well keep me waiting you 2 brainfarts!

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