The day after

So this is how it all pans out, the day after Valentines, it was all over the news, text messages rose, cards exceeded last years sales and all that kind of bullshit!! well fuck that shit I was let down once again!

Oh I love you, Oh I miss you, Oh I want to be with you, Oh I want to get to know you, oh oh oh FUCKING OH!!! So sue me I have a handful of males I know and talk to often, even go out to dinner with all saying they want to get to know me, there is this one wanker who was meant to come over for the day and we were going to go out for lunch and all that shit and I get a text message and I quote ” fuck fuck fuck fuck big problems at work I have to go to Brussels and I even got you flowers” Well buddy boy I do not care who you are if you have lunch with me and it being Valentines you better have fucking flowers!! And what the hell is stopping you from taking me to Brussels for the day to show ~~pokes forehead with index finger~~ think will you pfff.

Got some text messages, all of them from married men all but two anyway and they were real winners too, one says “oh would have sent you a card but forgot your address” the one was the winner of the day saying “You know I really want to fuck you Imported Bitch” when I read that message I knew I met my Valentine!!!

I do not know what it is, I seem to have more male friends then female friends guess because I can not handle the back stabbing shit that goes on with females, wait till you walk away then you feel the daggers getting thrown at you, ok not all females are like that I have some really good friends. Men are less of back stabbers and as this Valentines proved real fucking idiots as well! Though I did get one gift worth mentioning, I got a lovely package sent to me even if it was at an ungodly hour, I had someone think of me enough to wake me from my sleep with a breakfast package, Kisses to you and this guy I have only known for a few weeks now that made me smile and he is only a young thing (no not as young as the droolable teenage band member), So married guys, “fuck fuck fuck guy” I have known for months and months and the “I wanna fuck you guy” learn from the younger ones seems they still have their manners ~~middle finger to you~~


1 Response to “The day after”

  1. February 17, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    what’s up with the married guys?? I mean seriously.. it freaks me out how many of them are so willing to “go for it” with people OTHER than their wives. Why the hell are they married anyway?? augh!!

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