OMG I am a perv.!!!!

Getting a kick in the arse from some pussy I realised I have not even given you an update of things that happened on my week away, Ha well it can wait till next time as I do have something to blog about, **drum roll** I have just now.. yes only just now, realised I am a huge fucking pervert!!!

Lets go back a few weeks, me in my training pants and red t-shirt, face looking like a steamed tomato, sweat dripping off my chin and running down my face, affective huh? well that is how I looked at the gym when 3 men come up to talk to me and ask me out for a drink, I said no to me the situation seemed more a dare then true interest. THOUGH, my goodness when at the gym I can not stop perving!!! heck I can not stop perving at all!!

While shopping I look, and I mean LOOK, round arses, eyes, legs, smile. While travelling in the car I think I am the worst! I drive and when I get stuck in traffic jams I perv, I sit beside men in cars if they are cute, I will smile and pretend I am not looking keep side by side to their car in the traffic jam, I even have a secret stash of lollipop’s in my car so when in a traffic jam I will suck on a lolly and make sure it is see the sexual innuendo. While away for my week I found myself drooling over fathers playing with their children in the tropical pool, I was showing all my good looks and made sure I let my deep eyes meet theirs.

I am finding I am putting myself in places where there are more males then females, and with the people I hang around it is easy!! all men in suits and that makes me drool from places you just do not want to know! OMFG I am so undersexed! I perv at ugly guys! I seem to not be so picky right now THOUGH the ugly people I brush off, I aim high, looks, arse, job, smile, hair ohh god I need to be needed 😉

After all that rambling I did not even touch the reason I wrote this blog!  There is a certain friend and blogger ( that narrows it down) who has a certain cute guy on her blog roll and I just sit there in the background saying nothing, never even commented on his blog and how badly I want to tell him yummy things. Never know in time I might leave a comment.


3 Responses to “OMG I am a perv.!!!!”

  1. February 1, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    What I’m finding hard to believe is the fact that you’ve only just now realized that you’re a huge fucking pervert! I’ve been your best friend for ELEVEN long long years and I’ve ALWAYS known that. You really must do that inner-self examination shit more often! Muah!! Love you, mean it!!

  2. February 1, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Details…. this little pink pussy DEMANDS some details… augh!!!!!!!!!

  3. February 3, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    OMG! I’m with ThatBitchyChick… Tell us something we don’t know!!! LOL

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