Party in my head

An oxymoron story and “good grief” is there a lot, so I opened my “Microsoft Works” and went for it.
Taking a sip from my “plastic glass” I put on some “soft rock” and thought some more, my “tight slacks” on while on this “working vacation” my brain farted and I felt like the “living dead” my “passive aggression” a form I seen from across the room in a “small crowd” I recognized I was “Legally drunk” drowning my “sweet sorrows” the “silent screams” in my head.

“Now, then..” back to this story being the “resident alien” at this party in my head “acting natural” while wearing the “new classic” fashion and eating “jumbo shrimp” the conversation moved to “honest lawyers” “Include Me Out” please! luckily that come to a “rolling stop” when a “butt head” who was ” pretty ugly” walked in carrying a “twelve-ounce pound cake”my “Least Favorite” even though I “almost always” eat “diet ice cream.”

Later in the night some “intelligent fool” “staged an accident” that looked “Unbelievably True” someone “taped it live” though it all seemed to be “clearly misunderstood” these parties in my head are always amusing though “almost exactly” the same as the last “Strangely    Familiar” you could say I am “almost done” though to finish up I have to say it was “awfully nice” and “awfully good” of you to drop by in my “Reality Dreams” where the motto is “more is less” and everything is ” a little bit big.”
“Finally again”  a “well known secret” is that I throw the best parties around even if they are “original copies” of the last, now the exit is there, “Up the Down Staircase”

I bid you “A Fond Farewell”


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