Bullet Material

You know how sometimes you just look at your ex and want to shoot the fucker right between the eyes with the bullet you wrote his name on? Come on some of you must have had that thought! right ?

Over the last few weeks my ex has been getting that thought daily, lets go back 4 weeks or so, our daughter had a rash under her arm, he informed me she got it from a new shirt I got her, obviously it is my fault so I listened to him and when getting home she showed me the rash, holy shit my eyes popped out of my head as it was not a rash from clothing rubbing this was some serious shit! Even when I took her to the doctors his eyes popped out of his head so that is really saying something!!

After that cleared up with medication she had a Bronchial cough my ex tried to clear up with little cough candy and that “grandma’s home made cough syrup” ~rolls eyes~ ok it can work and I don’t think a kid has to go to the doctors for everything and get every antibiotic under the sun but it is needed sometimes you know? So after all this passed and by the way both illnesses were my fault, just ask my ex on that one, my daughter was fighting fit.  Two weeks ago the little imported bitch started scratching her head like mad so I checked for head lice but there was nothing to see, though her head was red from scratching so I informed the ex to keep an eye on it, like water off a ducks back he done shit and also the nanny he has done shit. Friday night when I got my daughter she was scratching like there was no tomorrow, I stopped and checked her head, HOLY FUCK I parted her hair and head lice charged at me and showed fangs like Cujo, red eyes and drool dripping from their mouth, slowly letting my daughter hair go and trying to stay calm I looked at my daughter, patted her on the head and said, all is in order we need special shampoo for you, Ok I was really patting the Cujo’s in her head.

cujo2.jpgFor the next somewhat minutes I have a crying kid on my hands as she asked ” have I got lice?” and I said yes, apparently she had told her nanny she seen one crawl on her hairbrush but her nanny told her she was insane, I called her father and the conversation went something like this

Bitch: Hi there did you check little bitch for lice?

fuckedup x: I always tak care of her and her health

B: Well she has head lice and she has had them for a while looking at their size and the amount of eggs

x: Well that is not true she was clean when she left the house 30 minutes ago

B: That is not possible as I did not stop to pick up hitchhikers on the way home

x: Well that you Bitch for the gift you gave her, real fun for her you just gave her head lice and now I have to deal with it.

WTF??? This fucker is insane, seriously, he needs more then a bullet between the eyes he needs to be bitch slapped and bent over and rammed into next week!

I had a crying kid next to me asking me “Mum why don’t they listen to me when I say I see lice on my hair brush?” “Mum why don’t they listen when I ask them to check my hair? though the nanny does my hair everyday?” I just look at her and shrug my shoulders and say “Love I have no clue, but you know I will always listen, call me anytime and let me tell them!”  oh right I will tell them just let me at them in a dark street!!!

I am interested in knowing if they sent her to school today, very fucking interested, if so I am calling the health-board 🙂


2 Responses to “Bullet Material”

  1. January 14, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    This is where I have an “advantage” over your other readers because unfortunately I’ve had the sheer disadvantage of knowing your ex. So when I agree with you on the fact that is one screwed up fucker, I’m speaking from nothing but pure experience! I pray every day that the Mini Imported Bitch ends up where she belongs and has always belonged. I also pray every day that the fucked up X begins to receive everything coming to him in this life! Love you bunches!

  2. January 14, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    He IS insane, but what’s new, right? And at least this proves every time that divorcing the asshole was the best thing you’ve ever done!

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