Poor sick baby

Traveller says he got home last night at 02:00, he was meant to be home on Friday at 21:00 and I was to get him from the airport but the excuse reason he did not was because he had a bad case of the flu. Ok so maybe I just want to have a bitch, but this is not the first time he has let me down like this, ok ok ok he was sick, had the flu and rather stay in Austria with friends then to fly home to me and let me take care of him, no he rather drive ump-teen hours in a car on a Sunday night to get home at 2am then wake up at 5am to get to work the day after!! I see why he picked that option NOT!!!!

So today when I talked to him I got rather pissed off because he did not even let me know he was home safe, fucking sue me I was worried! Then when he gets home from work I get the message and I am quoting his text

Traveller : “Just got home, tired a bit annoyed, will go 2 bed now.. just too tired…”

Imported: why annoyed ?

T: mmmm got grilled this afternoon… when i stood up from my desk, feeling all dizzy… i got a bit annoyed bout that…

I: grilled ? by?

T: you

I: that annoyed you ?

T: a bit… especially when i realised how fucking ill i came home last night

There was more that I said and conveniently his computer froze up and he did not hear the end of my “grilling” so I got a text on my phone saying ” Well… my computer just completely froze on me can’t seem to do anything right tonight, will go to bed, Goodnight” oh goodness stop feeling sorry for yourself because you fucked up, I will not feel guilty at all, not one little bite. I will save you all from the rest of the conversation as he was a whining little boy and it annoyed me! I am a single mother and it does not matter if I sliced my head off while cleaning the house I would have to drag my head and body to the hospital to get it glued back on before dinner time! No matter even if your not a single mother, mothers DO NOT AND CAN NOT BE SICK! and worst then a sick child is a sick male. Whine whine and some more whining with a side dish of cheese for the sick males.

I have really had it up to the eyeballs with males all the complaining about nothing, all the needing, yes the males being needing! Do they ever grow up? Do they ever think of other people ? Traveller only text message me when he wanted to feel good or smile, when he is a little down, I had chest pains again the other day and thought I might have to go back to the hospital, I called him and sent him a text message as I just wanted to relax and hear a friendly voice, no such chance as 5 hours later I got a reply “I did not want to call you because I wanted to keep hiking”  WTF!!???? I mean he complains I do not tell him when I am sick or having chest pains (it is ok I only have a heart condition) Well keep on hiking right out that door you waffled ass selfish wanker hope your really sick in bed after tonight’s chat and all them “lovely messages” you sent when you were apparently thinking of me every moment, I hope you sneeze a truck loads of snot and feel shit for the next week, I even feel like coming to visit you tomorrow at work for lunch to see how fucking sick you really are and see you snot over everyone (makes note to pack raincoat) No your not worth it I will sit back and enjoy the chicken soup I made, for ME!


1 Response to “Poor sick baby”

  1. January 8, 2008 at 2:53 am

    Men….you can’t live with them and you can’t shoot the fuckers! What’s a bitch to do?

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