Rugby, Traveller and redflags

I clock just ticked over 03:00 so what the hell am I doing sitting here writing a stupid ass blog seeing also last-night I only got 2 hours sleep. I bloody well tell you why I am still awake. In the past people sit and wait watching the phone to ring, not right now, here I am sitting clicking over and over again my inbox waiting for an email.

frustrated.jpg Shake me! somebody, slap me, throw a drink in my face, SOMETHING!!! wake me up, snap me back into reality as this is just pathetic! I gave it up years ago sitting around waiting for a male to call or email so what the hell is different with this person?

OK now I have stopped pulling my hair out, stopped screaming at my inbox and stopped cap-locking all my words to Bitchychick on msn, I am now breathing again and I can tell you, ok there is 2 things I am waiting for, this email from someone I want to get to know and also a text message from someone I was getting to know, you know how it is, seeing all them red flags, but that is a whole different blog. So Mr Rugby email me, and Mr Traveller text me before I shove a phone up your ass!!

Bloody well keep me waiting you 2 brainfarts!


1 Response to “Rugby, Traveller and redflags”

  1. 1 dvlsh1
    January 8, 2008 at 2:17 am

    thanks for the comment. I love this entry you are so right. moms dont get sick days, n as a fellow single mom I too would have to drag myself to the hostpial fix myself up n go back to being a mom. Men are whiny when they are sick. I think the only thing worse then a sick kid is a sick man.=) have a good evening.

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