The Letter X

Only the “Y” and “Z” come after the letter “X” which makes me sit back and wonder,

Why does X mark the spot and not Y and why is it a past lover is an X and not a Z, it makes me think that there are two people worse then him out there Mr Y and Mr Z, fucking hell if there are worse out there then my x I am in some serious fucking trouble and need to buy a gun!

I have actually been married two times, the first I was young and thought it was love, it ended the night my best friend gave birth, she called and asked for my husband to go to the hospital which seemed rather strange to me, that was until I found out it was his baby she was giving birth to.

Number two was some piece of work, took away all my self esteem, locked me in a house for 18months and tried to kill me and our child, the wanker is still walking around free. Between them I have dated, some crashed and burnt, others fizzled the last one, ohh what a winner! Unable to communicate which really pissed me off but the biggest red flag was not his hair (yes he was a redhead) but the fact he was in his 30’s and still lived with mother!

After 2 years that just blew up like nothing you have ever seen! I knew for the last 6-12months something was wrong but I could not put my finger on it, that was until a local dominatrix asked me if I wanted to give a few BDSM sessions in her dungeon, you see I am a kinky little bitch and I am very Dominant, I declined the invitation but went looking at her website as I had never seen it, low and behold I seen some pictures of my boyfriend there!

__hr_outside.jpg      00052.jpg

He had never expressed this side of himself to me and now he wishes he did, I dropped his ass like a tonne of bricks, as it turned out the day I found out was his birthday so I rocked up to his house for his birthday made sure he got his gift out of my car so his hands were full and in-front of his house with everyone watching I gave him his last gift from me, A hard slap across the face, guess he will never forget his 30th birthday.


1 Response to “The Letter X”

  1. January 5, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Oh my FUCKING god….you posted the pictures! I am dying over here. How funny! It’s a good thing I didn’t remember these pictures vividly in my mind when I met Mr. Man in September. I’m not sure how I would have made it through dinner. God we have picked some winners in our dating lifetime haven’t we? *sigh* One day we’ll both have normality in our love lives. Ya think?

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